Poly Barrel Roof Shelters

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Engineered to endure 90 mph winds & snow loads of up to 30 psf.

  • Shelter Dimensions:
    • 10' x 5'
    • 12' x 5'
  • Structure Materials: Pre-fabricated aluminum & tempered glass
  • Choose from an open-front, 1 opening or 2 opening model
  • New styles and roof lines enhance any streetscape
  • Encourage use of public transportation
  • Provide designated outdoor smoking areas
  • Rugged, prefabricated aluminum and tempered glass structures
  • Engineered to endure 90 mph winds and snow loads of 30 psf
  • Aluminum back-wall bench standard on all models
  • All openings are at least 36" wide and at least 84" high
  • Shipped in kit form for simple installation on a prepared site

Note: All shelters require a dock and pallet jack or a heavy-duty forklift for unloading.

Model Name10' x 5' Shelter; 1 Opening10' x 5' Shelter; 2 Openings10' x 5' Shelter; Open Front12' x 5' Shelter; 1 Opening12' x 5' Shelter; 2 Openings12' x 5' Shelter; Open Front
Shelter Opening1 Opening2 OpeningsOpen Front Shelter1 Opening2 OpeningsOpen Front Shelter
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