Cigarette Receptacles

Prevent discarded Parliaments from appearing at the entrance of your building with a cigarette receptacle, and place them throughout your grounds so people can dispose of cigarettes easily and safely. Barco Products Canada has a variety of cigarette receptacles made out of materials such as weather-resistant polyethylene and stainless steel.
You can breathe a sigh of relief with our cigarette disposal systems because they require little maintenance and are easy-to-clean. Many of our cigarette receptacles are made with a long neck that limits the flow of oxygen to quickly extinguish burning cigarettes. Discourage unwanted litter with our cigarette receptacles, trash receptacles and pet waste receptacles.

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Memorial Park Benches
Prices Ranging From:
$483.00 - $912.49
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  • Engraved Letters Without Glossy Inlay Colour
  • Perfect for a tribute, a memorial, or a thoughtful gift
  • A memorial bench with an inscription will be appreciated and remembered for decades to come
Memorial Inlay Park Benches
Prices Ranging From:
$593.00 - $1,038.47
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  • Engraved Letters With Glossy Inlay Colour
  • Identify your business, dedicate a new park, recognize outstanding service
  • Create a lasting impression for memorials, donor recognition, or fundraising purposes
BarcoMaid™ Prestige Flat Top Receptacle
Prices Ranging From:
$168.00 - $210.40
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Economy Grey Wheelstops
Priced At:
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  • Ensure orderly vehicle parking in your lot
  • High performance plastic/rubber combination with an easy-to-please price!
  • Long-lasting and maintenance free
BarcoMaid™ Square Motion Sensor Receptacle
Prices Ranging From:
$158.00 - $197.94
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  • Foot-free and touch-free – no pedals to step on and no buttons to push
  • Infrared sensors detect motion of hand and open lid
  • Lid remains open while hand is within 10" from sensor
  • Brushed stainless steel finish is easy to clean and matches any decor
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Athletic Field Marking Machine
Priced At:
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  • Get your sports fields ready!
  • Apply 2-6" lines on athletic fields and other turf surfaces
  • Four large 10" wheels
  • Excellent maneuverability on uneven surfaces
  • Sturdy 18-gauge, all steel construction
Custom HDPE Sign with Eclipse Arch
Prices Ranging From:
$121.25 - $595.90
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  • Attractive 1/2" thick signs complement existing landscapes
  • Smooth contoured shapes
  • Strongest grade high density polyethylene
  • State of the art engraving reveals second layer of colour
  • Brilliant colours with best UV inhibitors
Canada Flags
Prices Ranging From:
$23.60 - $162.49
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  • Top quality craftsmanship & materials
  • Heavy-duty header with two brass grommets
  • Five sizes
  • Your choice of sewn nylon or printed polyester
  • Printed Polyester:
    • Excellent value
Gateway Receptacle
Prices Ranging From:
$616.90 - $656.90
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  • Designed for convenient trash removal via side door
  • 30-gallon commercial capacity
  • Black powder-coated steel slats
  • Free matching black metal liner
  • Ships knocked down for savings on shipping costs
Deluxe Inlay Memorial Benches
Prices Ranging From:
$526.00 - $1,030.37
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  • Engraved Letters With Glossy Inlay Colour
  • Our Deluxe Benches now available with engraving
  • Attractive recycled plastic boards & frames
  • High-gloss inlay 3" height lettering, on 2" x 4" boards
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City™ Round Commercial Picnic Table
Priced At:
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  • Seats 8 adults comfortably
  • Food-contact safe, thermal-fused plastic coating
  • No peeling, cracking or fading
  • 1-5/8” OD galvanized, black powder-coated steel frame
  • 1-5/8” diameter umbrella hole
Large Horizontal Message Centres
Prices Ranging From:
$106.25 - $1,729.92
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  • Maintenance Free Recycled Plastic
  • Illuminate your messages at night with optional factory installed LED light feature
  • Durable, convenient, and secure
  • Framed acrylic glass doors swing open and seal tightly
BarcoBoard™ Outdoor Benches
6 ft. Bench
Prices Ranging From:
$297.00 - $567.45
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  • Ideal for resorts, campgrounds, parks, picnic groves, break areas & more
  • Woodgrain finish never needs painting
  • Recycled plastic boards will not rot, splinter or break
  • Recycled plastic black frames
Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat
Prices Ranging From:
$22.68 - $505.16
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  • Anti-fatique mat provides the best comfort
  • Premium cushion molded to solid nitrile rubber surface
  • No glued-on pieces
  • Static-dissipative, chemical resistant and welding safe
  • Relieves standing worker fatigue
City™ Outdoor Benches
Prices Ranging From:
$611.24 - $882.64
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  • Durable and dependable steel bench - great for parks and sports fields!
  • Thermoplastic-coated expanded metal with UV protection
  • 2-3/8” O.D. black powder-coated frame
  • Will not fade, crack or peel